Published: May 21st, 2020

Stephen Carpenter Jr. Awarded Elite Lawyer in Military Law


SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, May 21, 2020 – The Elite Lawyer in Military Law award has been awarded to Stephen H. Carpenter Jr. after a rigorous, multi-leveled selection process for outstanding performances and contributions in the uniform code of military justice (UCMJ) practice area.

Attorneys are selected for the Elite Lawyer Award through a process that begins with peer nominations and culminates in an award winner and listing on the Elite Lawyer directory. This directory allows those who are selected to stand out among their peers in the legal profession. The Elite Lawyer directory is collated to highlight outstanding attorneys and can be used as a creditable and reputable search tool to find exceptional attorneys.

The nomination process builds a pool of candidates for the Advisor Panel to later assess. Attorneys are prohibited from nominating themselves and cannot campaign on their peers’ behalf. The system is curated to disqualify attorneys who attempt to bypass these rules so that candidates are chosen exclusively on merit.

The three methods an attorney can be nominated for the Elite Lawyer award are:

  1. Peer nominations
  2. Third-party resources and feedback
  3. A nomination directly from the Elite Lawyer Advisory Panel
elite lawyer court-martial defense stephen carpenter jr

The Elite Lawyer review and evaluation process assesses all nominations based on several factors including legal history, experience, and reputation. Each factor carries a different weight in terms of importance to winning the award.

Only a very limited number of nominated attorneys receive recognition via an award. Winners of awards come from a range of firms varying in size, legal practice, and nations.

Stephen H. Carpenter Jr. is a civilian military defense lawyer and has published several articles in the field of military justice. These articles include ‘Defending Gay Soldiers Who Defend America’, ‘Guantanamo 101: Rejecting Cruel, Unusual and Degrading Justice’, and ‘A PTSD Primer: When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things’. Carpenter formerly served an Assistant Attorney General and JAG officer.

During Carpenter’s education at the University of Virginia, he achieved a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Affairs in 1990. Carpenter then went on to receive a Juris Doctor degree in Law from the University of Oregon in 1995. In 2004, Carpenter was selected as a Fulbright Scholarship Finalist.

Furthermore, Carpenter has spent time at the University of Washington, School of Law working as an adjunct professor in trial advocacy. He has also assisted organizations in providing seminars on oral advocacy techniques for the Attorney General’s Office, the American Bar Association and Seattle Academy, and the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

Court & Carpenter is a military only defense practice. Court & Carpenter selectively selects and then advocates on behalf of members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard and the various state National Guards. The firm has represented officers and enlisted members of all ranks, rates and grades. The firm’s military defense lawyers regularly appear in courts-martial, administrative boards and before appellate panels. Finally, the firm prepares persuasive rebuttals to military performance evaluations, letters of admonition, and flag officer reprimands, termed GOMORs.


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