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“Criminal defense of uniformed members is a special endeavor. Court and Carpenter is solely dedicated to this unique and complicated field of legal practice. While many firms commonly focus their attention elsewhere, our firm exclusively represents military members in military proceedings. This strict focus enables us to harness our collective knowledge for the benefit of our uniformed clientele, and their families, and with that, increase the likelihood for the best possible outcome.” 


Exclusively Military Law


Court & Carpenter PC only represents Clients who face adverse actions, military justice and other disciplinary matters. We selectively advocate on behalf of members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard and the various state National Guards. 


The firm has represented officers and enlisted members of all ranks, rates and grades. Our heavily experienced lawyers regularly appear in courts-martial, administrative boards and before appellate panels. 


Court & Carpenter also routinely advises servicemembers about the best tactics to take when addressing command investigations. Our firm, unlike others that perfunctorily boast young and brash lawyers that self-servingly claim to be the best, is comprised of truly experienced advocates with long established track records. 


Courts-Martial Defense


Courts-martial are exceptionally intimidating processes for uniformed members and their families. In recognizing these challenges, the lawyers at Court & Carpenter ensure that Client’s reassuringly understand the complicated nuances of this process based upon our many decades of military justice experience.  


Court-Martial Appeals


Not every court-martial sentence guarantees an automatic appeal. However, in cases that an appeal is warranted Court & Carpenter’s lawyers are uniquely equipped to research, draft and argue cases before the various service appellate courts to rectify miscarriages of justice.


Involuntary Separation Boards


Each service branch may attempt to involuntarily separate uniformed members from their hard earned military careers. Separation boards are controlled by administrative law procedures that provide service members several inalienable rights. Indeed the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled “men and women in the Armed Forces do not leave constitutional safeguards and judicial protections behind when they enter military service.” Weiss v. United States, 114 S. Ct. 752, 769 (1994) Simply put, constitutional due process principles require fairly constituted boards to convene, and impartially judge the merits of any initiated discharge. Accordingly these three-member boards are akin to “mini-trials” in which the Government’s evidence is, in part, zealously examined, and its witnesses can be cross-examined.


Rebuttals to Military Reprimands


In this particular era of our nation’s history, any negative paperwork in one’s service record can have a particularly deleterious impact on any chance of promotion, and may even, in some instances, result in involuntary separation. Knowing how to persuasively assess, organize and write an effective rebuttal is a valued expertise that Court & Carpenter’s lawyers, who have been doing it for decades, excel at every day.


Assisting with Command Investigations


Sometimes members “trust the system” to do the right thing, and therefore willingly participate in investigations that can often compromise their military careers. Of course, there can be innumerable risks in addressing any investigation, no matter its subject. The lawyers at Court & Carpenter have ample experience in assisting Clients maneuver through these legal minefields. 

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